The People's Think Tank

a movement for educational justice

The educational justice movement is uniquely positioned to elevate the intersections amongst a range of issues facing low-income, Black, Brown, immigrant, Muslim and LGBTQ communities. As the attack on young people and their families expands at all levels of government, we understand that educational injustice digs deeper than merely accessing more resources for the schools all our students deserve. Injustice is reflected in communities displaced through gentrification, takeovers by state governments that turn democratically-elected bodies upside down, and limited job or training opportunities that are spun to portray youth as unmotivated or even dangerous to the very society that actually needs young people in order to survive.

The People’s Think Tank will serve as a vehicle for providing the creative space necessary for organizers, young people, parents, allies and potential activists to brainstorm a proactive vision for our world, with the same marginalized communities leading at the forefront, while also connecting strategies and action to effecting change in the local, state and national arenas.

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